CBS6 appearance: making macarons

Yes, Virginia, I made macarons on live tv at our local CBS station, WTVR– Richmond.

Hubby had his camera phone, luckily they allowed him to take pictures inside the studio

A little over three weeks ago their producer sent me an email asking me if I would like to make macarons on their program, “Virginia this Morning”. There was a bit of hesitation on my part because I had this project that I’ve been focusing on and I had the New York Fancy Food show coming up.

But hey, live tv? Baking macarons? Why not? Right?

So I emailed her back and said yes. She said it was a 5-minute segment and I mentally calculated how long it would take me to whip the egg whites. Hmmn…that doesn’t leave me much time to pipe and fill macarons.

Anyway, it was the weekend before my appearance that I finally timed myself. It would take 1 and 1/2 minute to beat the egg whites to stiff peaks. I don’t think we would want to hear a mixer whirring that long for my allotted 5 minutes.

Then I had an idea. How about I whip the egg whites just before my part?

Looking serious as I whip the egg whites

The other pressing question that occurred to me was what to wear. I wanted to be comfortable and since television adds 5 pounds visually, I decided on an embellished grey shirt. I also wanted to put my hair up in a French twist, but you know what, that was wishful thinking anyway because the morning of the show…we (hubby and I) appeared to be running late.

So I barely had time to even dry my hair and put any make-up on. Oh well!

When we arrived at the studio, it was freezing inside (the temperature that day was predicted to hit over 100F). The facilitator asked me how long I needed to set up and I told her; including my plan of whipping the egg whites before my segment.

I also plated my macarons for what they call “the bump” which I think is like a teaser.

I am thankful to the hosts Greg McQuade And Cheryl Miller for putting me right at ease for my segment and the producer, Torri Strickland, for giving me the opportunity of making these adorable confections on live tv.

Piping filling

Anyway, enough of my babble. Here’s the video. Sorry, I don’t know how to embed code, my browser or blogging software doesn’t seem to allow me to.
My favorite part, was when Greg McQuade mentioned “Julia Child, going to Paris” when I told them that I took a two-day macaron stage in Paris. Julia Child was always an inspiration to me, not because she went to school in Paris but because she dared to start a new career when she was almost 40 years old and she has left a lasting legacy in our hearts and mind.