Bring on the apples!

Apple upside-down cake

If you are all like me, the second the mercury drops below 65F you are already plotting the stream of apple desserts that are going into the oven. I’ve already baked the first apple pie before the official fall season began and even if that ended with a bit of drama – the filling juices escaped the bottom crust – it was a delicious mess.

When I received Rose Levy Beranbaum’s new book “Rose’s Heavenly Cakes”, I hurriedly earmarked her apple upside-down cake and her apple-cinnamon crumb coffee cake – both looked absolutely well…uh…heavenly!
I quickly stocked up on apples and warned the “Hungry” Hubby not to eat any of them. You have to be clear with HH regarding which fruits are meant for straight consumption, he is a veritable fruit-eating fiend and there is always some type of contention whenever he is out of his own stash of fruits and starts to covet the plums, figs and especially the apples meant for my baking pleasure.

Because of some time constraints on baking day, I decided to go with the apple upside-down cake which appeared to be the simpler of the two. At first, I thought RLB forgot the cinnamon in the recipe, I mean how can you have apples without cinnamon? I was tempted to add 1/2 a teaspoon but my rule was always to follow the recipe faithfully the first time, see how it turns out and then make adjustments to my own taste as needed.

Have a slice!

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