Decadence in a Glass


            The Daring Bakers are at it again! This time the event is hosted by my lovely friend Mary of Alpineberry. The theme for the month is “Bostini Cream Pie” – nope no typo there. I have a weakness for stirred custards – I think they make the most luscious desserts!

            I cut the recipe in two and it worked out quite well and for the first time I had no disaster to speak of. Of course, I was doubtful at first because my custard never set so the plating I envisioned never took place. As a fix, I poured the custard into a glass and cut circles in the chiffon cake to fit over it. Then I poured a warm chocolate glaze all over the top which was the perfect finishing touch.

            I loved the flavor and texture of the chiffon cake. In fact I was snacking on leftover pieces after I cut out the circles I needed. The custard had a bit of “flourly” taste to it that I felt detracted from its over all creaminess and taste – I wonder if this meant I did not cook the egg mixture enough. The chocolate glaze was perfect; I believe the taste of this largely depends on the quality of chocolate you will use.

            My thanks to Mary for this wonderful exercise in the different components of baking: custards, chiffon cake and chocolate. The recipe is on her blog.  Please check the different interpretations of my fellow Daring Bakers here.


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